Estroplus - Dedicated to women’s health

The makers of Estroplus are dedicated to providing the best food supplements to support your health. Estroplus offers essential nutrients to support a healthy diet and lifestyle before, during and after Menopause. There are a number of steps you can take to help yourself stay fit and healthy and therefore enhance your wellbeing.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise not only strengthens your bones and muscles but can enhance your complexion and body tone and therefore greatly enhance your overall well-being and health. Weight-bearing exercises, like for example walking or cycling, are excellent ways to strengthen bones. Please check with your Doctor before starting any programme of physical exercise. Read More.

Eat a Healthy, balanced diet

A healthy, well balanced diet should contain a range of foods from a variety of food groups, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, bread (preferably high in fibre), some meats and other non-animal source of protein, and preferably smaller amounts of processed foods which are high in sugar and fat.


Develop a relaxation routine such as yoga, meditation or other activities which relax your mind, body and soul.

Monitor your health

Learn routine self-examination techniques and visit your Doctor for regular check-ups.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Despite most of us knowing that smoking is bad for us, there are still around 10 million adults in the UK that smoke. If you do smoke try to reduce or stop smoking, and only consume alcohol in line with NHS guidelines of 2-3 units per day for a woman, and 3-4 units per day for a man.

Take care of your own needs

You are likely to experience changing demands from your work, family and body. It is vital that you look after your own health and take ‘time out’ for yourself on a regular basis. Why not try to pursue different interests, and make time for hobbies that make you feel happy, and don’t shy away from new challenges.