Estroplus Product Satisfaction survey - REGISTRATION HAS NOW CLOSED

Take part and you will receive 3 months Free supply of Estroplus

Its simple really.......................

We give you 3 months free supply of our Food supplement Estroplus and in return you complete a survey at the end of each month. Complete all 3 months and you will be entered into a PRIZE DRAW with 50 Prizes to WIN!

There is no catch and no hidden cost.

Menopause matters to us

We don't just think about the stage during menopause but the before and after as well.

Estroplus contains Natural Soy Isoflavones Natural Soy contains phytoestrogens, called Isoflavones, which are natural plant molecules that closely resemble, and mimic the actions of oestrogen.

These Isoflavones contribute to:

- Reduce hot flushes and mood swings.

- Offering protection from heart disease.

- Aid sleeplessness and reduce night sweats.

- Lowering the risk of osteoporosis.

How does it work?

- Day 1 we send you 1 months supply of our food supplement Estroplus.

- Day 25 we send a link to a short, 2 minute survey, you complete it and then your second months supply is dispatched.

- Days 50 we send a link to a short, 2 minute survey, you complete it and then your third months supply is dispatched.

- Day 90 the final link to a short, 2 minute survey is sent and upon completion of this you will be entered into a prize draw, with 50 opportunities to win!

Here are the prizes you could Win by completing all 3 months of the survey.

- 1st Prize receives a £500 Hotel Gift card which can be redeemed for over 140 hotel brands in more than 170 countries

- 2nd Prize receives a £150 Amazon Voucher

- 3rd Prize receives a £100 Amazon voucher

- Winners 4 - 10 receive a £50 voucher

- Winners 11-50 receive a £20 voucher

Terms and conditions available below

Love the idea and want to take part?

Sign up now!

1. Read the criteria below to check you are suitable to take part

2. Fill in the form

3. Sit back and wait for your Estroplus pack to arrive in the post.


1. When will the first survey arrive?

The first survey will be sent out to you on 24th October.
We send you a link to a survey, once that has been completed we are notified and we ship your 2nd pack out.
Simply complete the 3 month product satisfaction surveys and thats it!
Do not worry, just complete the survey anyway, due to postal delays some participants received their products later than others. So we expect there to be a some people ahead or behind the timeline.
This could happen with some of our participants, not to worry, just start taking Estroplus again when the next pack arrives.